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Detailing the step-by-step construction process that began in April 2010 and ended in July 2010.


The construction process began with the water department in to fix leaks in our water main.


Next came repairs to the sewer. Repairs were in multiple spots, and a new liner was inserted into the sewer's main line.


Work on the sewer and water mains were completed, so Redford Cement was able to come in this week and take out the existing cement. They then smoothed out the dirt surface. Classic Landscape came in to lay the foundation or larger and smaller stones. Redford Cement came back to lay down the cement portions of the alley. Classic Landscape began brick work, followed by installation of the permeable pavers.


We began the month by planting the gardens, and followed up with cocoa mulch and power washing the bricks. Bollards were installed. Motor City Brewing Works added to the beauty of the alley with raised beds bordered by rocks. First flowers begin blooming. We begin living in it!


Blooming flowers, visitors multiply, Motor City adds some trees.