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Business incubator group sessions

Food Labs Group meeting.

An important component of the work we do at the Green Garage is our business incubation process, a business greenhouse. Our mission is to grown businesses naturally. We meet once a week with a business owner, sometimes a business-in-residence and sometimes not, and take them through a roughly 16-week series of sessions that aims to find the core of the business and then guide them through a natural development process. This is a group process, usually involving about a dozen individuals from inside and outside the Green Garage, each bringing a unique talent and perspective to the process. We work to develop businesses that create economic, community and environmental value in the same action/activity. For more detail on our thinking please see our Growing 3D Businesses Naturally page.

Some of the businesses that have been or are going through this process include:

1-on-1 Sessions

Tom meeting with Jess Daniels of FoodLabs for a 1-on-1 session

With existing businesses, some business owners benefit more from shorter, more targeted design sessions addressing the immediate needs of their business. Tom Brennan meets with them weekly for 1/2 hour in sessions targeted to help them incrementally evolve into a more sustainable business. Often owners find that their business is moving in a direction that they did not originally anticipate. Current sessions include:

Sustainable Business Learning Community Conversations

Business Learning Community Conversation

We began these discussions to answer two primary questions ...

  • What do we really mean by sustainable business?
  • What kind of role will sustainable businesses have in creating a sustainable future for Detroit?

Additionally we wanted to know...

What can we learn from each other?

How do we support each other in growing our respective businesses to be more sustainable?

These conversations take place every Thursday at noon. For an archive of past conversations see:

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