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The Green Garage is actually three things: a community of people dedicated to Detroit's sustainable future, a business enterprise, and a building located in Midtown Detroit.

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We are located in the Midtown area of Detroit, at 4444 Second.The building dates back to 1920, built as one of the garages that populated the area to support the fledgling auto industry. In the 1940's when it was purchased by Sam Kanners, who kept his shoe supply business, Kanners and Patrize, there until the 1990's. In late 2007 it was purchased by Tom and Peggy Brennan and underwent a green renovation. In November of 2011 the Green Garage opened as a business incubator.

More building history

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Our goal is to develop triple-bottom-line businesses (healthy for the environment, economics, community). We rent office and workshop space to these businesses, who often work together in what we are calling a co-working community. Currently, there are over 50 businesses-in-residence. Our business incubator helps grow businesses naturally. We also house an Urban Sustainability Library, whose mission is to connect people to the resources they need to live more sustainably. In addition, we support an active Sustainability Labs group, who represent the 'truth window' into the Green Garage. They measure and provide data that helps us understand and tweak the building's performance.

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Working as a community is fundamental to our approach. To learn more about our regular opportunities to get together, see our Get Involved page.