Workshop 7 - Tax Planning

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Workshop no. 7: Tax Planning

How are taxes related to sustainability?

  • Government is part of the ecosystem in which our businesses exist - it can't be ignored.
  • If money is being exchanged, then the government will require some share of it in order to fund itself.
  • Like them or not, taxes should be thought of as one of the healthy relationships we seek to establish within our ecosystem.
  • Many talented people with well run businesses run into tax problems, and these problems can be the reason your business goes down. We need to deal with taxes in a healthy way, care for our business's tax relationship.

How can we avoid the land mines in tax world?

  • Start by identifying the different types of taxes, and then providing a calendar of important tax dates.

Types of taxes:

  • Property taxes
  • Consumption taxes
  • Income taxes
  • Payroll taxes (start at 15%)

You can access the Tax Planning Worksheets, by Bob Weins and Rich Miller used in this workshop.