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Business Seed - Workshop #1 Business Seed - Workshop #1 Speaker Notes

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What is a Business Seed?

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  • the source of all that will be become "the business"

  • is alive

  • contains the idea

Why is it important?

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  • provides renewable energy source

  • contains the business "photosynthesis"

  • creates focus ... your North

  • is generative ... how it grows

What are the components of a Business Seed?

Business Seed

  • Person ... the steward

  • Idea ... the DNA

  • Core Relationship (photosynthesis)
    • Competency
    • Love

  • Deep root

Business Seeds grow in Ecosystems

FoodLab Ecosystem

  • Living Organisms ... community, other businesses, government, universities, etc.

  • Relationships ... energy flows

  • Trends ... energy flows

Business Seeds create Triple Bottom Line Yields

  • Economic Yield

  • Community Yield

  • Environmental Yield

... for all in the ecosystem.

Business Seeds developed To Date

  • Neighborhood Sustainable Animal Care (in process)

Lessons Learned

  • Learning Process ...discovery

  • Personal Outcomes ... reflects the person, idea, relationship...exactly

  • Developed Naturally ... it takes exactly as long as it takes.

  • Steward Commitment ... it takes a lot of energy

  • Community Input creates the power

  • It's the Beginning...not the end