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What is It?

  • Windows and doors comprise a major component of the exterior building envelope. They are available in a wide variety of material configurations, with the most common frame types being either wood, aluminum, vinyl, wood clad with vinyl or aluminum, fiberglass or composite. The efficiency of windows varies greatly, primarily based on the type of frame construction and the glass type.

Why is it Important?

  • Window selection and placement is a critical step in the design strategy for the Green Garage. They impact the heating, cooling, daylighting, and security of the building, as well as form the boundary to the neighborhood community.
Sustainability Goals
  • Provide 80% of the interior lighting with natural daylight.
  • Provide adequate natural ventilation to minimize the need for mechanical ventilation whenever possible.
  • Provide a sense of security and well-being within the living building, while providing an attractive and inviting addition to the community.
Strategy and Conceptual Design
Proposed Materials / Suppliers
  • After considering the lifecycle, recycled and sustainable content of different window types, painted wood windows fit the Green Garage design criteria. Some manufacturer links are provided in the Resources section below.
  • List of possible suppliers:
    • fibertec Toronto
      • Contact left msg 11/30/09
      • Fiberglass
      • U= ??, SHGC = ??
      • Shipping?
    • Accurate Dorwin - Winnipeg
      • Contact: Yuki Shiokawa
      • Fiberglass
      • U=.20, SHGC = .24 - .40
      • Shipping?
    • Serious Windows
      • Contact: Barton Ray
      • Fiberglass
      • U=??, SHGC = ??
      • Shipping?
    • Inline Windows
      • Fiberglass
      • Contact: Mark Bartolini / (416) 679-1171
      • U=??, SHGC = ??
      • Contact?
    • Weathershield
      • Mike
      • Wood / Alum Clad
      • U = .30+, SHGC = ??
      • Shipping?
    • Hurd
      • Bob
      • Wood / Alum Clad
      • U = .27+, SHGC = ??
      • Shipping?
  • Questions
    • Replacement glass?
    • Safety glass?
    • Foam filled framing?
Development Story

The ?? - Development Story page contains many images and videos documenting the process used at the Green Garage to design, build and operate our ?? system.

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