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Items needed week of May 28, 2010:

Here is a list of items we need for upcoming construction activities for the Green Garage. Please let us know if you have ideas on where to get these things. Please take care when printing as it effects our planet....only print when necessary. New updated items will be added weekly.

Annex walls

(65) 2x4 x 16' studs

(75) 4x8x1/2" Drywall

Tools and miscellaneous

(1) Cabinet with doors for office supplies

(1) Shelving for tool crib

Mezzanine Ceiling

(90) 2x4 Ceiling tiles-mineral based, used

Reuse Alerts May 17, 2010:

These are things we need your creative thinking on how to reuse or recycle:

(20) Metal spray foam tanks with plastic fittings and hoses

(50) Cardboard caulk tubes

Polyiso insulation scraps

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