Week 5

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1. Changes to website based on CAT info....

see sheet

2. How will we provide consultation services?

  • General format for service
    • Reference service for those working at the Green Garage (entailing research on topics, summary answers, organize info for the building on daily basis, develop content and scheduling for classes, organize information learned)
    • Provide free information (example: CAT)
      • information pages (like geothermal systems or rain barrels)
      • 10 most frequently asked questions
      • online forms for questions (?)
      • live chat (like Troy Public Library)
    • Reference service for visitors
      • 2 types of visitors, scheduled and non-scheduled
      • For non-scheduled, help as needed, or schedule an appt
      • For scheduled visitors, could provide something like surgery sessions at CAT, where you can sit down with an expert for a specific period of time (1-2 hours) and discuss your project/issue
      • Provide referrals to experts
  • Information vs advice (what are we providing?)