Week 4

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Physical library

  • located just inside entryway, across from reception desk (see PDF of floor plan on building plans page)
  • consists of long desk, bookshelves behind
  • need at least one computer for public searching and for use by people in GG (we bring our own)
  • materials
    • books we've collected through GLGI (see GLGI Library for a start)
    • books we've collected in our Green Garage design work (see Green Garage Reading Material page)
    • other books we'll be collecting along the way
    • storage for materials generally used by people at GG (tech equipment; material generated by various groups or renters, like advertising for their business)
    • debate: informative material such as 'finding aids' (or summations of relevant topics, like rain barrel assembly or 10 top things to do to reduce your energy costs or lists of contractors or other sources)
    • archival materials
      • original drawings
      • artifacts found in building
      • historical photos
    • white board with day's schedule in GG (or for use with projector)
    • phone
    • camera and video recorder
    • microphone
    • printer
    • share use of projector
    • book marks with our contact information
    • office supplies, such as pens, pencils, scissors, tape, etc)
    • file drawer
    • place to keep business cards

  • website, blog, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
  • intranet (information source for people working in the building)
  • physical library: books, periodicals(?), computers, archived posters.
  • consultation service
  • book club
  • kiosk