Week 2

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return to urban sustainable library

neighbor survey and identification of areas we can help

  • outdoor paint
    • asking group can result in quite a variety of responses, sometimes not on target
    • followed through - they figured it out - provided feedback
    • put final info on site
  • shell blasting
  • help on energy efficiency - apt buildings
  • sell solar panels?
  • rain barrels
  • what is the GG?
  • where did you get that insulation? where can I get it?
  • what are earth tubes?
  • can I bring other people through?
  • deconstruction and materials reuse
  • want to be more sustainable - buying a home - what should I look for in a home?
  • Ford an GM shavings question - we are no waste experts - will get questions

scenario work

Helping us determine areas we need to work on....

  • Help me plan a rooftop garden
  • Help me save money on my heating and cooling bills.
  • Tell me about how you made this a net zero energy building, and what exactly do you mean by 'net zero energy'?
  • How can I make my own rain barrel?
  • Can you help me select energy efficient windows that don't cost too much?
  • Can someone from the Green Garage speak at this upcoming community event?
  • I'd like to take a tour of the building.
  • I'd like to work at making my business a greener work environment. Can you help?
  • How can I get some stimulus money for starting up a green business?
  • I heard you worked on deconstructing the building without a dumpster...how did you do it, and what happened to all of the material?
  • How do you know if a plant is native to Michigan?

What we now know about our library

  • need to update materials pages and familiarize ourselves with what happened to all of our materials
    • link to sites which deal with materials (MSDS - Materials Data Safety Sheets)
  • from our dry wall example:
    • get research people to do research on specific areas
    • use our own example of what we did with drywall
    • help connect with expert
    • regular meetings with experts (weekly event with geothermal company, etc)
    • populate materials charts
    • connect with people doing the work
    • sometimes you need to talk with the person who did the work