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Sunset over the Detroit River. Photo by themactep on Flickr


Looking to get more involved in water-related activities and conservation efforts in Detroit? The following organizations can help get you started.

  • Detroit Riverfront Conservancy (Facebook)
    • "The Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, Inc. was formed as a 501 (c) (3) with the mission of developing access on the Detroit International Riverfront. The entire vision is 5 ½ miles of Riverfront property, from the Ambassador Bridge to Gabriel Richard Park, just east of the Belle Isle Bridge, and will include the construction of a continuous RiverWalk along with plazas, pavilions and green spaces."
  • Friends of the Detroit River (Facebook)
    • "The mission of Friends of the Detroit River is to enhance the environmental, educational, economic, cultural and recreational opportunities associated with the Detroit River watershed through citizen involvement and community action."
  • People's Water Board (Facebook)
    • "The People’s Water Board advocates for access, protection, and conservation of water. We believe water is a human right and all people should have access to clean and affordable water. Water is a commons that should be held in the public trust free of privatization. The People’s Water Board promotes awareness of the interconnectedness of all people and resources."
  • Sierra Club Detroit (Facebook)
    • "Protect Detroit's Rivers and Lake Erie from sewage and stormwater pollution."

Blue Infrastructure Demonstration Sites

Detroit Future City, the Detroit Works Project's strategic framework plan released in January 2013, defines blue infrastructure as "water-based landscapes like retention ponds and lakes that capture and clean stormwater, reducing the quantity and improving the quality of water that enters the combined stormwater/sewage system." Below are a few examples of blue infrastructure in Detroit. Know of more? Let us know and we'll be glad to add them.

Use Less Water at Home