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Water Lab

Goals of Lab

  • Manage our own storm water on site; where it goes, how it impacts the community, how it gets used.
  • Minimize use of city water and collected rainwater.

Decisions to be made from Lab

  • Reduce number of plants that require watering to more drought tolerant plants as observed in situ to reduce water usage over time.
  • How to best move water around to where it is needed without using city water and minimizing power usage.

Expected Outcomes

  • Optimized usage of collected rainwater so tank does not stagnate, but only uses water that is collected.
  • Zero city water usage for landscaping.



  • Rainwater Collection (fill in major steps / how often done)
  • Rainwater Usage
  • City Water Usage
  • Reporting - what and when?

Elements of Lab

  • Rainwater
  • City Water
  • Combined Sanitary & Sewer Waste

Process Measurements

  • Rainfall measurement
  • Amount rainfall collected
  • Amount rainfall used
  • Quarterly water & sewerage bill

Participants & Time Frames

  • Tank levels recorded - Who (When)
  • Amount rainwater used & purpose - Who (When)