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Waste Lab

Goals of Lab

  • No waste - minimize trash; maximize recyclables & compost
  • Reduce recyclables

Decisions to be made from Lab

  • Purchase packages for remaining waste

Expected Outcomes

  • Reduced amount of trash over time (define interim goals for reduction)
  • Reduced amount of recyclables over time (define interim goals for reduction)



  • Trash Audits (monthly to start, then less often)
    • Audit trash container & bins for appropriate content
      • Sort trash, photograph process, video process, document results, report results
    • Measure each stream by weight
  • Measure weight of trash (weekly)
  • Annual Report on amount of trash and progress towards goal(s)

Elements of Lab

  • Compost - weeds, leaves, fruit, vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds, etc.
  • Recyclables - Service comes once a week (Wednesday)
    • Sorted into 4 bins
      • Plastic
      • Metal
      • Cardboard
      • Glass
    • Paper - periodically bag up and include in recycle area; keep dry in plastic bags
    • Picked up by recycling service
  • Trash

Process Measurements

  • Weigh trash
  • Weigh each stream in audit

Participants & Time Frames

  • Trash Audit - lead by Labs (monthly for Beta period then adjust interval)
  • Results of audit / implement improvements as necessary - Jason Peet
  • Weigh trash - Labs (weekly)
  • Report results / progress towards goals - Labs (annually)


  • How will paper be handled when open?


  • Help develop training program for new In Residence Businesses and employees
  • Define interim goals for reduction of trash over time period
  • Define interim goals for reduction of recyclables over time period
  • Make sure scale is operational - DONE
  • Develop record keeping and reporting - DONE