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Seed Analysis - Viridia

Ecosystem Design
  • Begin with
    • Seed already shown to have potential to create and sustain an energy margin
  • Then analyze the different ecosystems that Viridia Seed is connected to and how they are:
      • relationships to them
      • trends within the ecosystem
      • 3D flows and opportunities
  • The question ecosystems results
    • Right plant in the right this business seed planted in the right ecosystem(s)?
    • What ecosystem characteristics does this seed need to create it's energy margin in the short term and grow in the long term?
    • What ecosystems are affected by this seed? What natural forces are changing these ecosystems over the next five years? What are the most powerful symbiotic relationships within and beyween the ecosystems?
    • What is the primary ecosystem(s) that this seed will draw it's energy from by operating within?
    • What are the critical competencies to be successful in each of these ecosystems....what do their customer's want?...what are their energy flows?
    • What are the critical few decisions that get made everyday to make the ecosystem work well for all? What is the key (perfect) information needed to make these decisions effectively?
  • Finish with
    • Ecosystem Map showing all ecosystems affected, key relationships, external forces, enetrgy flows
    • Here's the Viridia Ecosystem Map
Business 3D Margin Design
  • With a single action the business lifts up the environment, community,and economics.
  • The detailed 3X margin Analysis is available
  • Viridia 3X Margin Improvements
3D Risk (Deep Root) Design
  • What are the key risks from a community, environmental and economic viewpoint and what 3X actions can be taken to allow the business to survive these risks. These include:
    • Natural Variability (Temp, Rain, Snow, Daylight, Wind)
    • Community Variability (elected officials, owners, drivers, neighbors, gov't regulations)...think relationships
    • Economic Variability (Supply, Demand, supplies, labor, utilization)
  • Here are the key risks for Viridia
    • Risk of supply of grease from restaurants ... substitutes (Chris)
    • Price fluctuation/demand for Bunker fuel – (Kirsten)
    • Landfill substitutes (aka donuts at the landfills)– (Dan/Joe)
    • Permitting – (Dan)
    • Management Team cohesiveness – (Dan)
    • Neighborhood Odor – (Tom / Helen Bradley)
    • Economic Robustness "A Plan for the Perfect World?" - (Tom Brennan)
      • Key assumptions
      • Income statement

Great Lake Viridia