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(Friends of the Hudson River)
(Friends of the Hudson River)
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* Team with Hudson River Clean-up organization  
* Team with Hudson River Clean-up organization  
** [http://files.friendsofhudson.com/menu/faqs.html Friends of the Hudson]
** [http://files.friendsofhudson.com/menu/faqs.html Friends of the Hudson]
** [http://www.clearwater.org/about/mission/ Clearwater - Pete Seeger's project on the Hudson]
==== Reuse Wasted Heat / Energy ====
==== Reuse Wasted Heat / Energy ====

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These are the suggested actions to improve the Viridia 3X margins:

Friends of the Hudson River

  • Enforcement
  • Friend of the Hudson Restaurant program...doing our part to restore the health and beauty of the Hudson River for future generations
    • Sign a agreement committing to proper care of their grease
    • Hauler takes grease to the Viridia plant and record volume and ...maybe test for % grease content (credit for that.)
    • Receive a sticker on their window /door / menu
    • Co-op they receive credit for their grease (share of Biofuels revenue)
    • Work with haulers and there is a boot over the nozzle ...stop odors.
  • Certified Haulers
    • Share in the profits (shorter trips)
    • No dumping (restaurant is expecting their credit)
  • Team with Hudson River Clean-up organization

Reuse Wasted Heat / Energy

  • Provide heat to bacteria
  • Create a Heat Recovery Unit outbound water heats inbound grease
  • Solar Thermal panels pre heat water going into boiler or grease going into process
  • Capture and reuse heat from stack

Community - Neighborhood Relationship

  • Create a community Eco-garden demonstration center (name?) that will:
    • Education center for local schools
    • Grow native plants that are then transplanted to "green and beautify Waldwick.
      • Adopt prominent corners, main streets, or parks in downtown Waldwick
      • Select plants the smell great.
    • Have a rain garden for the water that comes off the roof of the Viridia plant w/ rain barrels
    • Put flowers at plant entrance....improved the neighborhood
    • Have a local bee keeper start a hive ... teach bee keeping... give away the honey at Christmas to neighbors
    • Optionally...locate the solar panels near the garden so it can be part of the education / demonstration.
  • Reuse plant processing:
    • Use the biosolids from the process to fertilize the flowers
    • Use wasted heat from the Viridia plant to heat a greenhouse to grow plants year round that can be planted
  • Team with:
    • Local master gardeners (need volunteer hours)
    • Local state university
    • Local high school (internship)
  • Here's a real example that has worked for 30 years ... King County Washington

Proper Custody of the Grease

  • Only sell the grease to customers that will convert it to cleaner burning diesel...it's the right thing to do.