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Here we are exploring the possibilities of low cost, flexible, reliable, high quality phone services for small triple bottom-line businesses.

Typical of the small business requirements:

  • Access from anywhere
  • Multiple phones can send and receive calls
    • Speaker
    • Handsets
    • Headsets
  • Integrated voicemail
    • Audio
    • email or text voicemails
  • Conference Calls
  • Port current numbers
  • Low, scaleable rates...grow when your needs grow
  • High quality (low echo, static, dropping)
  • Integration with
    • Mobile service
    • Google Voice
    • Fax cloud service
  • Some PBX routing features
    • Routing by extension

VOIP Devices

  • OBihai VOIP Devices ... built in support for Google Voice
    • The OBi100 - for homes / simple business
    • The OBi202 - for small businesses simple needs (can be wifi enabled).
    • The BiPLUS Small Business Phone System - nice PBX type solution with two levels. OBiPLUS Tutorial in pdf
      • OBiPlus "Lite" is FREE (4 lines)
      • OBiPlus is currently $120 / yr for first year $300 after that (12 lines).
    • OBiWiFi...provides the wifi connection for OBi202.

VOIP Softphones

3CX Softphone runs on PC

VOIP Service Providers