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Our design process:

  • We explored the land that our building is on: the front and back, parking lot and alley. We measured possible garden space and made note of the dimensions on our wiki.
  • We decided on our site realms, or what individual outdoor spaces we had to work with.
  • Using a number of source materials, we came up with plant lists for each of the designated realms.
  • We included other design elements in our overall plan, such as fencing and a kiosk.
  • We took all of the plant lists and put them up on our Google Docs Master Plant List. That way, we could order our ideas in whatever way we wanted.
  • We took sketches of the front and backyard, blew them up, and placed pictures of our plant/tree selections on the diagram, ordered by bloom times.

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  • We ran our ideas by Susan McBride of the Detroit Historic Commission to make sure we had approval from her organization.
  • We began the search for plant sources, and narrowd it down primarily to Wildtype Plants in Mason, Mi., and Native Plant Nursery in Ann Arbor, MI.