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Trash Tracker Experiment

Goals of Experiment

  • No waste - minimize trash; maximize recyclables & compost

Decisions to be made from Experiment

  • Purchase packages for remaining waste
  • Define interim goals for reduction of trash based on baseline benchmark & trash audits

Expected Outcomes

  • Reduced amount of trash over time



  • Intent is to only measure trash that is not recycled in any way, then determine plan to reduce the amount over time.
  • Experiment is on-going with weekly measurements and annual reports.
  • Information from this report may be used in conjunction with information from Trash Audits.

Process Measurements

  • Weigh non-recycled trash every time taken out of building; lbs of trash
  • Record weight on marker board near weighing station
  • Transfer recorded weights to online tracking spreadsheet weekly
  • Trend for Beta period to establish baseline trash amount
  • Develop goals to reduce trash over time from baseline
  • Produce Annual Report on results and progress towards goals

Resources Required

  • Scale
  • Small marker board
  • Online tracking document



  • Kirsten Lyons
  • Jason Peet


  • GG Services

Help Wanted

  • Need to have someone transfer measurements to online tracking document on weekly basis. Add to checklist. - USL will do!

Scheduling & Sequencing

  • Begin weighing trash the week of 10/14/2011.
  • Trend baseline measurements for fourth quarter of 2011.
  • Start reduction plan January 2012.



  • None


  • Plan / Do / Study / Act / Repeat
  • Make sure scale is operational
  • Develop record keeping and reporting