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When I retired in 1991, like most retiring persons, I cleaned out my desk drawer,packed a few personal mementos and

then give a little speech at my retirement party.

I figured that after I got back home I could then also cleanout all of the old faded scribbled notes pertaining to the now "Green Garage"

Then all that would be left to delete would be the notes etched into the cpu of my brain and since I'm a little computer literate all I had to do was

tell my brain to do the following:

Format: Drive BZ

I figured this would now be OK to do because:

Who would care now about an old building on Second Blvd. and I'ts Memories

Very few of the "Chosen Few" that did care about the building are still around

And lets face reality it probably would'nt be long before an implosion or wrecking ball destroyed it and all of its memories forever.

About a year ago When I finally got enough courage to think the unthinkable I finally instructed my brains CPU to do the following:

Format: Drive BZ

My brains CPU then gives me the following message.

Cannot Format Drive BZ the drive is in use by another program

How can this be, the only person that had the secret 64 bit encrypted password besides me, was the "Chief" and I know he would

only relinquish it to one of his "Chosen Few"

The source of this intrusion, I find out is the "Green Garage",The persons initials PEG

Peggy, I profoundly welcome you aboard as the newest member of the "Chosen Few " .

Oh yes ,In case you forgot to save the secret password it is, of course "El Producto"

Because of your vision of the "Green Garage" the word format is no longer in my vocabulary and is now an invalid syntax

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Regards Tongue in Cheek;

Bob Z