Sustainable Lighting Design

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What is It?

  • A brief description of what it is.
  • If it is part of a system-level pattern put a link to it in here.
  • Also known as:

Why is it Important?

Describe how it:

  • strengthen our relationship to the earth...all are connected (sun, wind, water, plants and animals)
  • helps restore the planet's eco-systems (plant, animal, water, air)
  • builds strong communities.
  • creates equal economic opportunities and energy.
  • creates One Earth patterns of living

When to Use It?

  • List the important considerations when to use this pattern.
  • When would it be sustainable?
  • When would it not be sustainable?

Green Garage Use of Lighting

Sustainability Goals
  • Provide 80% of lighting needs with daylight.
  • Provide high efficiency task lighting only when and where needed to conserve energy.
  • Provide minimum 10 footcandles for safety.
  • Integrate emergency lighting with PV system.
Strategy and Conceptual Design
  • Most of the lighting will be supplied by daylight through SolaTubes and windows.
  • Only places that require task lighting, emergency lighting, outdoor areas, and places not lit by daylight will have artificial lighting.
  • Include pictures, drawings or videos(flickr)
  • Supporting science:
Proposed Materials / Suppliers
  • Identify (via links and short description) the materials and suppliers we propose to use.
Development Story

The ?? - Development Story page contains many images and videos documenting the process used at the Green Garage to design, build and operate our ?? system.

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