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  • Bob's prescription for a simple way to build trust: share your own problems an '''When working with start ups, Bob would ask?'''
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  • Image:nic bob and kirsten.jpg|Nic, Bob and Kirsten enjoying the fresh air during a rain storm on Thursday. ...t noon I took photos of various people working at the GG. This photo is on Bob and Nick.
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  • == '''How to download Bob's Excel pages onto your computer:''' == Bob Weins developed these Excel spreadsheets for our Product and Service Profitabilit
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  • ...VkZjQmNZMjBxZmszemZlUWc&usp=sharing#gid=5 Tax Planning Worksheets], by Bob Weins and Rich Miller''' used in this workshop. On the calendar, items in red wi ...each state will establish a frequency with which you have to remit taxes - Bob and Rich recommend doing it monthly - making it a part of your usual, month
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  • ...o idea what they wanted from this service. They didn’t understand what Bob meant by “give us all your receipts” Understanding how and where they
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