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What is It?

  • Sound management refers to the identification and management of sound issues within the building.

Why is it Important?

Effective sound management:

  • helps provide a comfortable working environment for employees and renters.
  • provides an opportunity for people in the building to work cooperatively to address the needs of all.
  • provides an environment for every need.

When to Use It?

  • Sound management is used at all times within the building by everyone.

Green Garage Use of Sound Management

Sustainability Goals

  • The building will be designed so as to provide for a variety of sound environments.
  • People will take individual responsibility for their sound production within the building.
  • People will be responsible for their own sound mitigation while working within the building (move to a quiet room or wear headphones).
  • Sound issues will be a part of regular meetings meant to address problems within the building.

Strategy and Conceptual Design

  • Identify sources of sound and noise.
  • Mitigate sources to a level that makes sense.
  • Provide alternative/strategies to deal with the remaining noise.
    • white noise in form of recording or water wall
  • Determine acceptable level of sound within building (no greater than 70 dB average)
  • Design building to allow for a variety of sound environment settings.
  • Develop sound regulations for within building.
  • Design education program for new tenants that includes sound management.
  • Regularly measure noise levels in building and post data for all to see.
  • Schedule regular meetings that include dealing with sound issues.
Supporting science:

Proposed Materials / Suppliers

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Development Story

The Sound Management - Development Story page contains many images and videos documenting the process used at the Green Garage to design, build and operate our Sound Management system.

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