Rear Mezzanine

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  • 5 existing light ceiling light locations exist. lighting to be recycled pendant types in center 3 existing outlets with cfl bulbs.
  • -open issue- height of two lights at either end of mezzanine
  • natural light from 2 14" solatubes and 3 gable awning windows


  • 'media center' at north end of mezzanine for casual gathering, seperated by screening or furniture
  • book shelving or cubbies at south end of mezzanine which block window projecting through floor from conference below.


  • guardrail at end of existing floor to 42" above floor with horizontal planking matching theme of wainscoating around main floor.
  • 12" cap with 'backstop' at rear on top of guardrail

  • chart rail between columns on rear wall