Rainwater Usage

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Rain Water Usage

Goals of Experiment

  • Determine how much water plants in Turf Slabs are taking to maintain.
  • Determine what plants take the least amount of water to maintain for water conservation and time efficiency.
  • Strive not to use any city water for the Green Garage and Green Alley gardens.
  • Develop program, if needed, to make sure cisterns are turned over enough to prevent stagnation.

Decisions to be made from Experiment

  • Whether or not to continue recommending to put plants in Turf Slabs as a sustainable strategy instead of just gravel.
  • Which plants and how many we keep on a longer term basis in the GG gardens - plant density and garden composition.
  • Whether or not we could use more rainwater collection capacity.

Expected Outcomes



  • Record observations of harvest and usage.
  • Perform analysis of season at end of season and re-evaluate plan for future years if any data is needed.

Process Measurements

  • Establish city baseline water usage. Roughly calculate how many gallons of city water used for garden season.
  • Record how many times/approximate harvest amount for season.
  • Re-evaluate how to collect data, what is meaningful to collect, how to use the data.

Resources Required




Help Wanted

Scheduling & Sequencing




  • Plan / Do / Study / Act / Repeat