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  • Prep - Overview
    • Heat Sources - Premise of Operation
      • Radiant floor section at perimeter in slab - 4 pipe passes (2 supply, 2 return) coming from end near electrical room
      • Ventilation air from ERV not heated, but tempered by recovery
    • Paths of Heat Transfer
      • Walls, windows, slab uninsulated in middle, roof (incl. roof above middle room which is loft in Red Panda)
      • Some heating of ERV ventilation air required to bring to space temp
      • Interior partition to corridor
    • Review trends from this week (space temp, water temp, etc.)
      • Space temp setpoint raised to 68F
      • Maintaining 68F at stat on 26F day outside; seems to be doing okay in general
  • Brain Work
    • Review observations/results in Red Panda Space
      • Uniform air temp of about 70F across room
      • Middle of floor about 68F surface temp
      • Stat mounted on exterior wall set for 68F resulting in 70F air temp throughout space
      • Electric heater in Red Panda running intermittently to supplement radiant floor, but was not running during Labs review (approx. a few minutes every 90 minutes or so reported)
    • Other Annex Spaces
      • Noticed blob of slightly higher temp in middle room radiant floor segment (see thermal image); looks similar to how leak might appear
      • ERV air temp about 65F coming out of supply register by garage door
      • Inner garage door surface about same temp as corridor air temp overall since improvements made; metal rails only cold spots left
  • Conclusions & Suggestions
    • Joe plans to add insulation on top of radiant floor heating in electrical room; room does not need heat, so preserve it for other spaces.
    • Joe indicates system does not appear to be losing water, so elevated temp blob in middle room may be imperfection in concrete and/or place where PEX piping comes closer to surface; unknown.
    • Still some furniture and other items on top of radiant surface; some (metal) get heated up and then distribute their heat back to space; others (wood) appear to block heat more.
    • Any additional research or calcs required?
      • None identified at this time.



  • Plan / Do / Check / Act / Repeat