Questions for the Solatube rep's visit

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This Tuesday at 2pm we're meeting with Solatube about the use of their products for the GG daylighting design. All are welcome.


  • Given the unique nature of the GG buildings (e.g. barrel roof) what is the preferred location of the solatubes:
    • Exterior - given the shading of the south side
    • Interior given the trusses, ceilings, window locations
  • Experience going through SIPS?


  • What is the U-value of their products? (U=0.55 per DOE) What about the insulation shield?
  • Is there any measurable heat gain from the end fixture itself, or just heat gain/loss where the hole is cut through the roof?


  • How can we minimize the length of tubes in the building?
  • Can one tube be split to multiple locations? If so, how many?
  • How can we do multi-level lighting...mezzanine and below?
  • How durable are they (the tubes) if they run down through the floor exposed on the mezzanine? Do they need to be protected or encapsulated at all?
  • Do they have any models now or are they considering any that would integrate air handling with the Solatube, either as intake air or exhaust air?


  • Are there any lenses that would be better, given the truss system may/will block some light?
  • Do they have any prototype products they are looking to test somewhere that might be applicable?


  • Can you integrate your artificial lighting with the Solatube units? If so, does it take away from the performance?
  • If you have a room where you want to darken the lighting to show a film or something, how do you “turn the light off”. Is it dimmable at all by the occupant?


  • What, if any, maintenance is required for the units? How do you clean them?
  • How do you avoid snow buildup


  • We'd like to integrate their product into an artistic kiosk in the center of the building...has anyone else done this?
  • Photometrics Modeling
    • Are the results ave, max, min
    • What kind of sun exposure does it assume?
    • What day of the year does it assume?
    • What time of day does it assume?
    • What geographic location and orientation does it assume?