Proposed Green Alley Development Process Ideas

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Potential Design Process

Step #1 - Build community coalition

  • neighbors
  • businesses
  • UCCA
  • Government
    • City of Detroit
  • Potential Funders
  • Other NGO's
    • Greening of Detroit

Step #2 - Build Awareness and Understanding of Existing Alley system (As-Is)

  • Develop a base-line dimensioned map of the area..
  • Become aware of how the natural elements are present and are interacting in the alley
    • Water - Where does the water flow when it rains? How much water? What are it's sources? Where are the dry areas? Where are the wet areas where the water stands?
    • Sun - trace the light throughout the day; When and where is it light? When does it get dark?
    • Wind - How does the air move?
    • Land and Our relatives - What kind of soil? Is there any life? What plants are there now? Where do they grow naturally? What animals
  • Become aware of the current built environment
    • Lighting - what street lights currently exist? Location...brightness.
    • Location and height of current buildings
  • Document current human activity
    • motor vehicles - volumes, types (cars, trucks), destinations
    • trash - number and type of disposal containers, number of pickups
    • lighting - street lights and types, brightness
    • entrance doors
    • any bicycle or pedestrian traffic?
  • Understand city ordinance requirements

Step #3 - Take Mindful Action (To Be)

  • Find Resources
    • Landscape architect
    • native plant person
    • pavement engineer
    • natural building expert
    • local suppliers of the materials
  • Community-minded requirements
    • Meet informally to gauge neighborhood interest and priorities
    • Hold a design charette to get requirements from all businesses and residents
  • Eco-minded design
    • Develop small footprint alternatives to meet requirements and yet be sustainable
    • bring it together in an overall design and cost estimate
    • develop a phased approach for the
  • Community-minded Design
    • Have the design reviewed by all neighbors and city together
    • Develop ways for the alley-commons to be managed
      • what could the
      • Space sharing
      • maintenance plan
      • Cost sharing (initial and ongoing)
      • Setup organization for the alleys long-term care
      • develop ways for the community to be involved with the building of the new alley
  • City Approval of Green Alley Design
    • Present to City Council