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Our plumbing is generally standard, designed to meet code, but we have incorporated a few items of interest:

Low consumption

All faucets are low-flow. The shower valve is thermostatic, which means you can regulate the water flow without affecting the temperature of the water. Pleas see our kitchen and bathrooms and shower pages for more specifics on the items selected.

Gray water

We are semi-prepped for gray water, which means we will be able to install a gray water system without opening the walls (we'd get access from the basement).

Green pipe

For our domestic water usage, we used green pipe, distributed by a company called Aquatherm. This is polypropylene pipe made from recycled rubber products.


Bill Murrell

Murrell Plumbing

(734) 837-3743

Dominic Bologna

Aquatherm (for Green Pipe)


P.O. Box 586

Ortonville, MI 48462

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