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Final Plant Selections

  • Walls:
    • West wall: riverbank grape or virginia creeper with virgin's bower over door
    • North wall: climbing hydrangea
    • Underneath window of 3-season room: sedum
    • Along fence (with gate): sundrops and catmint
    • Along Victorian side, under and between serviceberries: excess plants from front and alley
    • Along tank garden, put blue mist spirea, coreopsis and lavender (with small stones), grasses behind bench, butterfly weed



Green wall systems

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Vertical gardens

Also on vines

Native Vines of the Northeast and Great Lakes

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Possible shrubs

  • prairie, pasture or smooth wild rose
  • coreopsis

Coreopsis sample.jpg


See Master plant list on Google Docs for recommendations. Not many may be needed. Shrubs and trees seem like a good idea for a parking lot area, with perhaps some flowers bordering the fence by the sidewalk (like coneflowers, coreopsis, mint, liatris and some bulbs).