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Pill Pouch Ecosystem

Pill Pouch Ecosystem

• Media and entertainment

• Work

• Technology

• Food

• Business/shopping

• Healthy neighborhood

• Faith

• Friends

• Climate/earth

• Family

• Housing

• Financial

• Transportation

Ecosystem Detail


Observations Part 1

• Our language around aging is negative

• As productivity goes down, the perceived value to society goes down

• Elders seen as takers

• There is high diversity in later life—wide range of healthy, capability, mobility, disabilities, etc.

• The number of elderly are growing, and we are living longer

• Higher ratio of women to men in later stages—as women outlive men

• Intergenerational is positive

• Ratio of elders to non-elders is shrinking from 1:7 to 1:3

• Elders can’t afford to be idle – fixed income and need for continued employment

• De facto: monogenerational is good

• Loss of elder knowledge do to generation gap

Observations Part 2

Additional Work

Natural Risks/Mitigating Actions
Seeds of Transition/Housing/Government
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Living Pact Ecosystem

Pill Pouch Prototype

Pill Pouch Prototype

Green Garage Business Incubator Work

Natural Stages of Business Development
Seed of a Business

Utilizing the Business Seed Development chart to the left, a group of people are working through the business of Seeds of Transition (formerly Pill Pouch) to enable individuals & our communities to adapt in healthy ways to natural transitions in later seasons of life.

Observe: Reflection on the current business and it's environment.

Natural Strengths and Stresses: Analysis of the current business and it's environment.

Grow . . .Ideas. . .Awareness: Created from sessions held to generate ideas that apply to Seeds of Transition or new directions to be considered.

EcoSystem: identifies all entities that play a role in later seasons of life.

3D Margin Maps: Identifies the economic, community, and environment impact of Seeds of Transition actions and opportunities.

Risks and Deep Roots: Working through these steps naturally identified the DNA of the business.

Kernal. . . DNA . . . Identity: Identifies the core of the business.