Phase I - Acquisition

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Phase I - Acquisition - Dec '07

  • Sign purchase agreement and deposit (DONE)
  • Complete inspection / due diligence (DONE)
    • NORR agreement and report (95% Complete) (DONE)
    • Structure and environmental testing
      • SM&E - Mike Nuemann (DONE)
    • Develop a parking Strategy (DONE)
  • Obtain commercial insurance (DONE)
    • Tom McDonough?
  • Create legal entity to hold the ownership of the building
    • Legal (DONE The Green Garage LLC)
    • Tax - Talked to Mike Predhomme - LLC will work, but will need a City of Detroit return.
    • Banking / Books (DONE)
  • Get current tenants under lease agreement (Dave and Winnie decided to move their business to their home)
  • Develop Property Management Plan
    • Transfer all utilities
      • Electrical (DTE -DONE)
      • Water (Still in Process)
      • Gas (DTE - DONE)
      • Phone (Not Applicable)
    • Security / Keys / Locks (DONE - locks changed)
    • Property management / visits
    • Snow removal (DONE (Motor City Markings)
    • Trash removal (DONE - City service)
    • List of preferred service companies
      • Plumbing (DONE)
      • Electrical (DONE)
      • Carpenter (DONE)
      • Insect / rodent (N/A)
      • Commercial doors (?)
      • A/C - Heaters
    • Preventative maintenance plan
  • Develop Phase II SS&D Workplan
  • Purchase the building (DONE - December 31st on-time)


Tom finding windows in the walls.


To All --

On Monday September 24th the Green Garage building will be open for visiting because the engineering company (NORR) we've hired will be doing it's inspection that day. We'll be there from 11am - 5pm. We're trying to target visits from 3pm-5pm. The building is at 4444 Second Ave. It is on the east side of Second between Canfield and Prentis, just north of the Traffic Jam...just south of the Wayne State campus. You can park in the Traffic Jam parking lot. We're also thinking of going to dinner afterwards at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Obviously, this will not be the only opportunity, however several of you indicated a keen interest in seeing it.

Please let us know if you will be coming down so we can be looking out for you. Thank you for your continued interest and support of this project.

Tom & Peggy Brennnan 248.840.6547 (this is Tom's cell phone if you get lost.)