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The parking lot before construction.
The parking lot after construction.

The old parking area was a slab of cement that resides on the north side of the building. In addition, there was a truck well just to the right (south) of the parking lot which would serve no purpose for us.

We removed all of the cement and installed pavers (from an old brewry in southeast Ohio) and permeable pavers that allow vehicles but also absorb water and allow for the growth of groundcovers. We removed the truck well, allowing us to extend to parking for 6 cars.

Garden beds border the parking lot, including one Hop-Hornbeam tree, 4 serviceberry bushes, dianthus, grasses and bulbs when in season.

The west and north walls are slowly turning into vertical green walls (Virginia Creeper and Riverbank Grape).

A fence surrounds the area, with a gate that allows vehicles entry when we're open, but allows for security when we're gone.

Underneath the parking lot is a 1,500 gallon cistern that gathers water from the roof of the annex. We use an electric pump to pump the water from the cistern and feed the parking lot plants. When the cistern is full, the water flows into a drainage field underneath the parking area. The drainage field consists of large, then medium and finally, on top, smaller stones.

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