Open House

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  • Introductions
    • How did we get here?
      • Project
        • intersection of environmental sustainability, future generations, Detroit
        • I'm optimistic about all three
        • Great work...
        • Something needed to be done...began conversations...had two major and hundreds of small
      • Building Plan
        • ...acquire the building, Safe, secure and Dry, Foundational Work, Historic, Green Renovation.
        • Already had Vision for Clean Water
      • Virtual Green Garage Story
        • Web, blog, Youtube, Flikr
      • Support
        • Optimism that comes from you....and is part of the global conversation
        • overwhelming the resources and the opportunity
        • How big do you want it to get?...seed of change
      • Today's Agenda
        • Historical Tour inside
        • Dedicate this Building to the Great Work
        • Community Inspiration Session..."How Green is Our Alley"
        • Neighborhood tour
      • Exciting adventure start walking together...

  • Historical Tour of the Building
    • Natural history
    • Human history...some of this is our history...families When did your families move to this area?
      • 1897 there were two house on the property Sanborn Maps
      • 1920 building permit was taken out by DeFord Motor Truck Co....Diamond T truck
      • 1921 sold to the Ames Auto company
      • 1930 - 40's many companies...dealers, radiator company
      • 1950 Kanners and Patrize...specialized in sundries'
      • 1966 took out permit for the side building...original plan to brick up halfway
      • 1967 After the riots the front windows were bricked up
      • 2004 Sold to J. Linardos...they were going to develop condo's

  • Dedicate this Building to the Great Work
    • Daruma...Nana Korobi Yaoki (if you fall down seven times, get up eight)
    • Its meaning? the daruma has become symbolic for optimism, persistence, and strong determination.
    • Who in pursuit of enlightenment meditated by staring a a wall for seven years....arms and legs fell off.

  • Community Inspiration Session..."How Green is Our Alley"
    • Background...Motor City Brewing back entrance...alleys
    • Googled Detroit Alleys...nothing but despair, and bowling alleys
    • Chicago Alley project
    • Help us redraw the boundaries of what is possible.


  • Neighborhood tour
    • The more you know the more you care
    • Leader Jeanette Pierce, Director of Information, Inside Detroit...educating people about Detroit
    • End up at Traffic Jam ,,,may need to sit in smaller groups.


  • Bring
    • Table, chairs, paint, paper, crayons/markers, tape, bell, boards to write on, Great Work, song, Daruma, black pen