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  • Copper continues to be a dominant wiring material. Because of the performance requirements for high electrical conductivity, pure newly mined copper is the choice material. The use of recycled copper for electrical wiring can introduce trace impurities that negatively impact its performance and manufacturing qualities.

Two processes currently exist to refine recycled copper scrap to the purity required for wiring, Fire Refined, and Electrolytically Refined. The findings of one study suggest that of the two methods, Fire Refined is the preferred because the mechanical properties are closer to that of newly mined copper. These mechanical properties minimize copper rod breakage in the manufacturing process, and breakage in the drawing process to produce the wire in various guages. Copper is also an excellent choice for wiring because the copper makes for good feed stock for future copper products once the lifecycle for the wire ends.


  • A nice document about recycled copper uses with a mention of wiring from the Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association. [1]
  • A very good article presented at a GreenBuild Conference at Pittsburg, PA in 2003 with a section on copper wiring. [2]
  • Courtesy of from the United Kingdom, a short article on recycled copper and brass. [3]
  • A few guidlines for "greener" wiring practices for construction and refurbishing. [4]
  • A recent comparison study of two methods of copper refining to produce feedstock for copper wiring. [5]

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