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Lead Free Solder

  • Two popular brands of 100% Lead Free Solder and Flux are currently available in the USA, Dutch Boy Lead Free Solder and Taramet Sterling. Both brands are manufactured by Lenox Corp. in Winston - Salem, NC.
  • Silfloss or Silver Solder, which is actually a brazing technique, is another lead free means to fasten copper and copper alloy tubing, Personal opinions vary on blog postings regarding it's use in plumbing applications because of the pressure involved in the water system. Some blog posts suggest it is more suitable for wiring connections than plumbing connections.

Press Connect and Push Connect fittings - sometimes referred to as "cold" fittings, are alternatives to soldered and brazed copper tubing connections.

  • Press Connect Fittings

This type of connection requires squeezing or crimping the tubing and the fitting. ProPress from Ridgid is one example of this type. Pros: Strong seal connection Cons: Requires special crimping tool. Price of tool may exceed $1000.00. Cannot disconnect joints, must be cut out.

  • Push Connect Fittings

This type of connection requires a push, or push and twist motion to connect the tubing to the fitting. An "O" ring is usually employed to make a water tight seal. ProBite and Copro from Quick Fitting Inc., and Sharkbite from Shark Bite Plumbing are three examples of this type of connection. Pros: No tools required for connection. Can be disconnected using tool without damage to fitting or tubing. Fitting is reusable. Some brands are re-buildable. Assembly and repairs can be performed "wet", unlike soldering which requires all parts to be dry and free of moisture. *NOTE Water supply must be shut off and water drained from tubing prior to performing repairs. Cons: Requires tool for disassembly. Some brands are designed in such a manner that the inside diameter (ID) is smaller than that of the tubing being connected.


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