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  • Copper and copper alloys are an excellent "cradle to cradle" material. Almost all copper and copper alloy products are recyclable into feed stock to produce other copper products. Copper plumbing tubing and fittings are two products that can contain a high percentage of recycled copper. Currently there is no metals industry standard for recycled content in copper products, and the percentage of recycled copper in plumbing tubing varies greatly, from close to zero, to nearly 100%. In a April, 2009 telephone conversation with the plant manager at Concast Metal Products in Mars, Pennsylvania (800-626-7071), it was stated that the percentage of recycled copper used in their copper alloy tubing ranges from 90 to 95%.
  • Reclaimed copper plumbing tubing from home and building deconstruction can also be a source for obtaining the material. According to Tom Friesen of the Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit (ASWD), lengths of copper plumbing tubing are occasionally available if ASWD is the company contracted to perform the deconstruction, otherwise the contractor removes all of the copper material which will be sold for scrap.


  • A nice document about recycled copper uses with a mention of copper tubing from the Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association. [[1]]
  • A very good article presented at a GreenBuild Conference at Pittsburg, PA in 2003 with a section on copper for plumbing applications. [2]

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