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return Business Greenhouse Design Center

Just started putting them in 1/27/08... If you have an idea for a project that might be researched by the future Green Garage, feel free to put it here. Combination of coming to us and self generated.

Workshop / Studio

  • Wooden Pen maker...from scrap wood
  • Rain Barrels... team with Coke, CCS students paint the barrels, develop art rain barrel stands
  • Bim Willow Design Studio for willow furniture
  • Insect larvae for chicken feed (Jon)
  • H2V design studio
  • Crafts group (Hilda)


  • Green that helps people reduce their ecological footprint.
    • Reduce junk mail by people opting out
  • net-Zero designs
  • Yoga + Food (Greg)
  • Detroit Carbon Credit
  • Become a Reseller with Insulation Depot and help solve these issues RIGHT NOW while making a tidy profit for you and your family. Reseller
  • Comfort Co...the energy utility of the 21st century...e-U connecting homes and businesses to a green future