Natural Cycle of Business Growth - Detail Process

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Seed Formation
  • The Kernal
    • Produces more energy than it takes to do makes the planet, people and profits better
      • Direct Margins
      • Commons..."one in"... "two out" like the rain forest.
  • Ecosystems, Relationships and Energy Flow (sharing of energy)
    • Existing - Relationships - Inertia
    • New - Relationships
      • Change takes energy and time to stabilize...increases variability
    • Business Ecosystem concept Research study of this idea.
    • Questions
      • Right plant in the right this seed planted in the right ecosystem (desert vs. swamp)?
  • Cycles and Waste Analysis
    • Water, Carbon, Energy Cycle
      • Water Cleaner
      • Carbon Neutral
  • Self Refueling
    • Does it create energy/matter that exceeds the energy/matter that is put into it?
    • What is it's mechanism for doing this? How fragile is this?
  • Growing Pattern
    • How will this Seed grow?
    • What patterns (fractals) will it repeat?
    • Volumes
  • Deep Root Design
    • How do we develop a capacity to withstand the natural variability?
    • Think of how plants or babies do it?
    • Risks and Deep Roots Analysis - Questions
      • Where is there natural variability in the systems?
        • 20, 50, 100 year perfect storm/drought
      • Where the natural changes in the ecosystems occurring (trends)?
      • Where is there competitors (need new term)?
      • What forces outside the system could affect the system most?
      • What changes are required in the ecosystems?
Capable Entity
  • Leadership - Emotional Intelligence
  • Competency
  • Soil
    • Relationships
    • Learning Culture
    • Information Platform
  • Proven Natural Business Patterns
    • Accounting
    • Form of Legal Entity
Resourced Plan
  • Pull model for VC model