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Peggy Brennan – Biography

Peggy Brennan and her husband Tom are owners of the Green Garage in midtown Detroit. The Green Garage is a former Model T showroom that is undergoing a historic and green renovation, and will become a green business incubator. Construction is scheduled to begin in September and it will be open for business in May of 2010.

Peggy has a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology and worked in that capacity until staying home full-time to raise 3 children. 25 Years later she went back to school and received a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science. She works as knowledge manager at the Green Garage, managing the website, blog and social networking accounts. In addition, she manages the website and blog for another group she and Tom are part of, Great Lakes Green Initiative. She is also archiving material from a Catholic Community that details their progression in the post Vatican II era on a site called

Peggy and Tom live in Troy and are parents of 3 grown children, Molly, Maureen and Tom, all of whom, they are happy to report, still reside in Michigan.