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You have arrived at the original Green Garage website - our wiki. You will find much of the work of our early years on this site, especially our years during construction. Much of the information located on this site will appear to be dated, but please note that this is an archival site only. Our current website can be accessed here.

The Green Garage is actually three things: a community of people dedicated to Detroit's sustainable future, a business enterprise, and a building located in Midtown Detroit. The building dates back to 1920, when it was a showroom for Model T-based automobiles, and is on the National Registry of Historic Places (see building history). Co-founders Tom and Peggy Brennan purchased it in 2008 and, with a wonderful community of over 200 individuals, completed a green, historic renovation over the next three years. Since opening in 2011, the Green Garage's principal work has been forming a diverse, supportive, and accountable coworking community and helping triple bottom line businesses grow naturally.

Greenhouse at the Green Garage

green business incubator

Business design meeting

Our Green Business Incubator helps triple bottom-line (3D) businesses grow naturally. We believe businesses are living organisms...not machines. We help grow businesses three ways: (1) using a community-based natural design process to help triple bottom-line businesses design their "Seed" (i.e. the core identity of the business from which all growth originates); (2) using a community-based continuous improvement process to improve triple bottom-line outcomes in profitability, waste, energy, water, community wellness, etc; and (3) using 1-to-1 sessions with entrepreneurs to help them evolve their businesses and their relationships.

Sustainable Business Conversations
1-to-1 sessions
  • Karen Batchelor - Story Mountain
  • Audra Carson - De-Tread
  • Phyllis Johnson and family of Genesis Tea

sustainability labs

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The Labs group are the Green Garage geeks. They monitor the building's performance and measure various systems within the building, such as water, waste and energy. You can view our systems in real time here: Building Control System.

Special Projects: Composting 2.0 - Updating our composting systems at the Green Garage

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The Green Garage is home to a sustainable coworking community of more than 50 small, growing, and established businesses. See our businesses-in-residence page for a complete list.

The people who call the Green Garage home have chosen to work in a supportive environment in which they can learn and grow as triple bottom line businesses together. By locating here, they become part of an environmentally and socially accountable community whose ongoing efforts to reduce waste, water, and energy at work result in a remarkably more sustainable office environment.

Interested in joining us? We offer several different workspace options, depending on the size and needs of each business, from shared table space to rent-a-desk to customizable office and workshop space. If you'd like to start a conversation about whether or not the Green Garage is right for you and your business, contact us at

urban sustainability library


Helping individuals and businesses who seek more sustainable ways to live and work by connecting them to resources that make it easier for them to take that next step.

social media


  • Reading Material In-house book collection
  • As Built Describing the various systems of the building, such as the HVAC, lighting or materials reuse.
  • Measurement Pages Updated pages that report our energy usage, water usage and the waste statistics for our building.
Water Usage Statistics
Waste Statistics
Energy - Electrical Usage Statistics

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