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What is It?

  • Local restaurants are both a source of food for the Green Garage and also a way of participating in the local economy and culture.

Why is it Important?

Local restaurants to the Green Garage:

  • Strengthen our relationship to the community.
  • Help restore the planet's eco-systems, e.g. purchasing local foods to avoid more transportation of food.
  • Encourage people to work cooperatively to manage the flow of food in to and out of the building and neighborhood.
  • Promote the idea that good local food should be available to all.
  • Operate within a One Earth pattern of living by encouraging less food waste, better choices for the planet, simplicity of use.

When to Use It?

  • Our local restaurant system will be used on a continuous basis at the Green Garage.
  • We will know the system is sustainable when people are comfortable with the system, when a small amount of garbage goes out every week (and that amount reduces over time), and when the amount of energy and water used is kept at minimal levels.
  • The system would not be sustainable if people felt uncomfortable with the restaurants, food system or embarrassed by their food choices, or if the amount of energy/water used rose over time.

Green Garage Use of Food Management

Restaurants within walking distance
  • Motor City Brewing Works
  • Traffic Jam & Snug
  • Bronx Bar
  • Cass Cafe
  • Avalon Bakery
  • Goodwell's Market
  • Union Street
  • Honest John's
  • Shangi-La
  • Epicurus
  • The Potato Place

Restaurants outside of Midtown
  • Le Petit Zinc
  • Mi Pueblo

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  • Resources will include appliances selected, composting/recycling/trash system selected, selection of cabinets, sink, etc.

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  • Gather websites, menus and recommendations to fill in this page

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