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This documents the process and outcomes of a community of people working to grow the Green Garage into a living building.

Our work is documented on these pages.

City Submittals

Building Permits

DTE Yes Program

Below are links to our work developing an energy efficiency study for the DTE Your Energy Savings (YES) incentive program application process. The segment of the program that we are applying for is the new construction/remodeling initiative, intended to help overcome barriers to using higher efficiency equipment and systems when building new buildings or doing major renovations to an existing building.

Energy Study Outline

Building Plans Digital Library

Here are the most current building plans for the Green Garage. Click on each one to bring up the pdf. Please take care when printing as it effects our planet....only print when necessary. New updated plans will be added weekly.

A-1 Floor Plan

A-2 Building Elevations

A-3 Detail Plans

A-4 Sections and Details

A-5 Sections and Details

A-6 Schedules

A-7 Roof Plan

D-1 Deconstruction Plan

E-1 Electrical Power Plan

E-2 Electrical Lighting Plan

E-3 Electrical Riser Diagram

M-1 Hydronic Heating and Cooling Plan

M-2 Solar Collectors

M-2a Thermal Storage

M-2b Radiant Floor and Solar DHW

M-2c Geothermal System

M-3 Ventilation Plan

M-4 Ventilation System

P-1 Plumbing Plans

P-2 Plumbing Riser Diagrams

P-3 Rainwater Distribution Plan

SP-1 Site Plan

SP-2 Site Grading Plans

SP-3 Site Details

SP-4 Landscape Plan

Sustainable elements

(* ready for draft review / ** draft review complete / *** ready for final review / **** final review completed /***** :) DONE)


google docs

Work Guides

Work Follow-up Points

  • Kevin - sketch tool
  • Add titles to req'ts db
  • Add prototype (Tom)