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This page describes the 20% part of our lighting program that we could not address with daylighting. Daylighting included our windows and Solatubes. To get at that final 20%, and to meet lighting code, we installed low-energy lighting throughout the building. Some of this came to us used, and some was purchased new.

Repurposed lighting

St charles lights.jpg

The majority of our repurposed lighting came from St. Charles School in Detroit, and was retrofitted by Chuck Langworthy of St. Michaels Electrical Engineering. A few of the fixtures came from Detroit Antique Warehouse.

New lighting

New overhead lights.jpg

Our new lighting fixtures came from Gasser Bush and Rejuvenation. The overhead lights in the main building have a couple of unique features. They uplight in addition to sending light down, but they also have 2 bulbs per unit, switched independently, enabling us to switch on only one light if that's all that is needed.

Emergency and exit lighting

Exit signs.jpg

According to code, we were required to install exit signs, exit lighting, and emergency path lighting. All of this lighting is connected to inverters to facilitate using photovoltaic power at a later date. Dual-Lite supplied all of the exit signs and most of the exit lighting.

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