Library Design Meeting, Feb 23

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  • Observe and Interact
    • current e-mails
      • request for information
    • current visitors
      • Katie, Trevor and Chris
      • Mira and Mary
    • education
      • MSU environmental engineering club
      • Tiffany, MSU documentary journalism student
  • Forming the Seed
    • What are we fundamentally trying to do?
      • What does the value to the client/community look like?
        • Use the learning curve to community interaction high in - low - high out
      • What does this work look like?
        • Map the process and determine where value is created. Use response to email as example.
      • How can the energy we derive from the work exceed the energy it takes to produce the work?
        • Self-refueling
    • What ecosystem are we in?
  • Next Week
    • Begin research into examples of creating value