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What is It?

  • Learning Environment refers to the various methods used to educate the public about the building, (including operating systems), gardens, and events pertinent to the Green Garage.

Why is it Important?

A strong learning environment:

  • clarifies the foundational elements of the Green Garage and demonstrates how they were put into action
  • allows visitors and staff to learn at their own pace and according to their own need
  • provides a basis for further discussion
  • keeps important principles at the forefront of the minds of those working in the building
  • simplifies life in the building

When to Use It?

  • A learning environment is useful at a most basic level (i.e., where are the restrooms?)
  • A learning environment is useful at a more complex level (i.e., how did we design our ventilation system?)
  • A learning environment is useful for those passing by the building (i.e., flower labeling in the alley gardens)
  • A learning environment is useful to those working on a daily basis in the building (i.e., foundational elements tree prominently displayed)
  • A learning environment is useful to visitors (i.e., self-guided tours)

Green Garage Use of a Learning Environment

Sustainability Goals

  • Overall goal: The Green Garage will be a place where learning is done on a continuous basis- where new learning is always welcomed and where past learning has been noted and is continually improved upon.

Strategy and Conceptual Design

  • Develop outdoor learning opportunities.
    • Develop outdoor signage for building identifying building name, address and logo.
    • Develop outdoor signage for individual businesses.
    • Develop outdoor signage explaining benefits of native gardens and providing identification of individual plants.
    • Develop outdoor signage for water, recycling and composting features.
    • Develop kiosk as a means of communication with the public.
  • Develop indoor learning opportunities.
    • Develop indoor signage for businesses.
    • Develop indoor locations signage.
    • Display schematics for major systems in building.
    • Display historical photos.
    • Display selected conceptual design drawings.
    • Display daily schedule on computers.
    • Display operating systems data on computers.
    • Develop tours (specific schedule)
    • Design workshops.
    • Connect with community events as learning opportunity.
    • Develop children's play area in back yard as learning opportunity.
    • Develop renter orientation program.
Supporting science:

Proposed Materials / Suppliers

  • Still to come

Development Story

The Learning Environment - Development Story page contains many images and videos documenting the process used at the Green Garage to design, build and operate our Learning Environment system.

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