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If you have an idea for a new lab or experiment for the GG Labs to consider, please send an E-mail to and we will post it here in the Idea Bin. Also, if you know an organization or individual that you think we should talk to about potential future collaboration, please also indicate that in the E-mail. Thank you for your input!

Future Experiments

  • Short study to measure temperature of bricks in shade vs. sun
  • Temperature of white roof on sunny day vs. black roof
  • Natural ventilation performance short study
  • Peak electrical demand and control
  • IAQ Study
  • EnergyStar, IFMA BEX comparing building energy to national indices
  • Study and report on the best low cost solutions for the typical Detroit home made of all brick with no insulation (Jason Peet)
  • Efficiency of painted radiator vs. unpainted or thermally painted (Jason Peet)

Water Labs

  • Domestic hot water recirc pump/loop vs. running water until gets hot with low flow faucets (T. Besemer)
  • Harvested rainwater usage
  • Domestic water usage - track meter readings vs. billing

Building Comfort Systems Labs

  • Optimize defrost cycle on energy recovery wheel
  • Optimize economizer on energy recovery wheel
  • Humidity study - best location(s) to operate dehumidification cycle from
  • 1) I'm wondering the effectiveness/efficiency of circulating the hot water in our radiant loops. - Technical Cx + Optimization Study
    • - temp of the water being circulated vs. the floor the floor areas (wood), the bathrooms (tile)...and lobbies (brick pavers/concrete).
    • - temp rise per hour in the areas being heated.
    • - heat exchanger efficiency
    • - compare planned vs. actual
  • 2) I'm wondering what the ERV efficiency is. - Technical Cx
    • - how much of the temp is being transferred?
    • - how much of the humidity is being transferred?
    • - how much energy does it use to do this?
    • - What is the net-energy gain?
  • 3) Compare our heat loss over a weekend vs. what Energy Plus(?) our models said we would lose (assuming it's cooler outside than inside.) In other words, how accurate were our computer simulation models? If there is a difference, do we know why? What would we do differently?
  • Optimize Earth Room ventilation fan controls
  • Determine potential to use solar panels as black body radiators to cool tanks in shoulder/cooling seasons.

Future Collaboration and Outreach

  • Add the names of people or companies here that you think we should consider collaborating with in the future
  • Participate in America Recycles Day national activity, November 15 each year
  • ECOTEK (Keith Young, Founder/Executive Advisor, 313.399.7893, - Student scientists grades 5-12 working on issues addressed by UN, annual planning meeting mid-August
  • Warm Training Center - 11/2011 collaborated on Util-A-Tour
  • Motor City Free Geek