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<small>return to [[As Built]]</small>
<small>return to [[As Built]]</small>
== Refrigerator ==
== Refrigerator ==

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We are using a General Electric Chest Freezer as our refrigerator. By combining our freezer with an aftermarket Micromatic Sensor Thermostat we are able to control the freezer at refrigeration levels (38-45 degrees). This provides for our refrigeration needs at a much greater energy efficiency compared to a traditional refrigerator based on two primary reasons:

  1. The freezer is insulated to a higher level than an traditional refrigerator
  2. The fact that the door opens from the top preserves the more dense, heavier cold air in the freezer as opposed to allowing it to spill out as it does when a traditional swing-door refrigerator is opened.


We selected a Fisher & Paykel Dual Drawer Dishwasher which has an eco option to minimize water and energy usage. The use of 2 drawers allows us to run small loads, saving again on water and energy.

Sustainable Features

  • Countertops: The countertops came from Cody High School in Detroit's shop classes.
  • Cabinets: The cabinets were found on Craigslist in Troy. They date back to 1956 and are metal. We painted them with ----- paint.
  • Shelving: We used leftover aircraft cable from our overhead lights to provide additional support ofr the shelves.
  • Dishes and Silverware: The dishes and silverware came from the Brennans' kitchen - surplus from an overseas work assignment.

Eating Areas

  • Booths
  • Tables and chairs