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==== Overview ====
==== Overview ====
'''What:'''  Green Garage Inaugural Open House
'''What:'''  Green Garage Inaugural Open House
'''When:'''  March 29th - Thursday 3pm - 8pm
'''When:'''  March 29th - Thursday 3pm - 8pm
'''Who:'''    Midtown Detroit Community  
'''Who:'''    Midtown Detroit Community  

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What: Green Garage Inaugural Open House

When: March 29th - Thursday 3pm - 8pm

Who: Midtown Detroit Community

External Goal:

Our way of saying thanks to the Detroit community for their support during our construction season. Come meet the sustainable business community that now calls the Green Garage their home. Building tours available. Light food and drink served.

Internal Goals

Grow the breadth and strength of our relationships with the community that surrounds us.


This is more about the Green Garage community, it's people and the activities than occurring in the building. Of course some people will come for a tour of the building and they will be accommodated. We want maximize the number of small, meaningful conversations that can occur. Again our goal is building relationships...strengthening the community inside and outside the Green Garage. So while all are invited, our goal is not large numbers of people. We're thinking conversations not presentations.


  • Planning
    • Melinda Anderson
    • Karen Bachelor
    • Jason Peet
  • Our Businesses in Residence need to be front and center with the Urban Sustainability Library, Sustainability Labs and Business Greenhouse. We're all greeting people into our work home.
  • Sue Mosey and her team at Midtown Detroit Inc want to help spread the word. They've been a great partner on this journey. They have a strong network to get the work out to.

We also want to focus getting the work to our immediate neighbors.

  • Media: We will open the occasion to the people in the media. Maybe we can do this in a way that is different from the past. Would like them in the experience...not on the outside. Don't have a clue how to make this happen.

Event Elements

  • The GG floor plan stays the same
  • Food = finger
    • Dessert
      • 4 East
    • Vegetarian
  • Drink
    • MCBW Beer
    • Wine (Ken's Guy)
    • Soda, Water
    • Coffee? Thistle
  • Music?