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This should help you download pictures to a wiki page. Although there is other picture editing software available, I'm describing the process using the software I use, Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. Here's the step-by-step process:

Getting the picture ready and saved

  1. Take your photos and download them to your computer. I save mine to my 'Pictures' folder, and within that folder I have a 'GLGI' folder.
  2. Open Adobe Photoshop and click on 'Edit and Enhance Photos.'
  3. Go to 'File', 'Open','Pictures', 'GLGI' (or wherever you have saved the pictures), and click on the folder and picture you want. The picture should appear in the window.
  4. You can do whatever you want to the photo now. You can use the crop tool to crop it, and you can click on the 'T' to type something onto the picture. This pretty much represents the enhancements I usually do, but photoshop allows you to do about a zillion other things if you're so inclined. Feel free to experiment here, and if you want to start again, just get out of the window and click to indicate that you do not want to save the changes to the picture.
  5. Once you have the photo looking right, go to 'File' then 'Save for Web.'
  6. Now you are seeing 2 images: on the left is the image in its original size, and on the right is their first attempt at a modified, smaller pixel size. Now go over to the right and you'll see a section called 'New Size.' In it you'll see 'Width' 'Height' and 'Percent.' You'll want to change the 'Width' to something like '400' or '350'. Play around with this, but I have found these are good sizes for web pages. When you change the Width, the Height will automatically change. Click on 'Apply.'
  7. Make sure the Preset box says 'JPEG High' or 'JPEG Medium' then click 'OK.'
  8. You'll be taken to a 'Saved Optimized As' window and you'll want to find a place to put this saved photo. For me, the place I put these is: My Documents, Great Lakes Green Initiative (folder), Images (folder). Once I'm there, I type in the name I want the file to be and click 'Save.' Now the web-ready picture is saved in a file where I can find it.

Uploading the picture to the wiki

  1. Open up our wiki. Log in.
  2. Go to the toolbox on the left of the page and click on 'Upload file.'
  3. Click on 'Browse' and find the file (I would go to My Documents, Great Lakes Green Initiative, Images and fine the file).
  4. Click on the file and the file will automatically be put in the space next to the browse button.
  5. Check the copyright agreement box and click on 'Upload file.'
  6. You'll see your image on its own page. The image has been uploaded and is ready to be used on your pages.

Inserting the picture onto your page

  1. If you'd like to put the picture on your page, put your cursor on the page where you'd like the picture to be. Click on the framed picture icon in the toobar at the top if the page. You'll see the following: Image:Example.jpg with brackets around it.
  2. You'll want to highlight the word 'Example' and type in the name of the picture file (i.e. if the picture file was called grass.jpg just type in the word grass.
  3. Click on 'Save Page' and see how the picture looks.
  4. If you want to change the size or location of the picture, you can add a | (line) and then type in, say, 200px to reduce the size or center to put the picture in the center of the page. Every time you add another change, add the line first.