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Requirements / Purpose

  • Education Objectives: indoor plants, worm composting
  • Connectedness to the earth (plants, water)
  • Community connectedness: gathering space
  • Provide way to access the building from alley, allowing for gradient difference between our floors and the alley



  • Foundation
    • around border of outside and up to planters: 42" deep concrete foundation
    • around planters: concrete footing then concrete block
    • around border of greenhouse: concrete spread footing to accommodate bricks and blocks
  • Brick Base
    • block (reused) / common brick base (exterior)
    • about 2ft tall
    • row-lock top with 1/2" overhang
  • Metal Window System
    • Disenos made metal superstructure that frames the entire greenhouse
    • Steel posts on corners covered by wood (from our old purlins)
    • Metal window frames came from the Ottawa Power Plant in Lansing, a donation from their construction.
    • Side Sequence 2.5ft + 5ft + 5ft + 2.5ft Windows
    • Interior North Wall 2.5ft window + 2-2 ft 8 in doors + 2.5ft window
    • Use repurposed oak 2x4s as vertical members between windows. (Came from bottom of trusses)
    • Make 6"x6" corner columns


  • Detroit historic pavers (red)
  • Used steps to tie into alley elevation


  • Wing Caps above planters
    • Wood w/ metal beams
  • Vertical windows (sides)
    • Custom metal angle
  • Arched top
    • Wood w/ metal beams. Wood is leftover material from our construction.


  • Doors
    • Custom made ...wood and tempered glass (made by Ray Hanson)
    • French doors
    • Doors have window for daylight transmission from hallway window

Venting / Vapor

  • Vents
    • Historic wooden arch window - vents
    • Historical metal windows (from Ottawa Power Plant) vent

Heating / Cooling

  • Radiant Floors
    • separate zone
    • pex under floor and steps


  • Lighting
    • 2 schoolhouse fixtures from St. Charles School in Detroit (switch in reception area)
    • maintain 10fc


The plants in the greenhouse serve a variety of purposes. In addition to the beauty they add, they are good for cleaning the air and for teaching about indoor plants. Our greenhouse plants include:

Worm Composting

We are taking some of our compost to a worm bin located in the greenhouse. We got the bin from the Worm Factory. We use red worms from California that were donated by Helen Bradley. Over time, we'll be able to harvest the liquid (compost tea) that will be produced to fertilize our plants.


  • (future) rain barrel gathers water from downspout